Hugo Gonzalez-Koppmann + Czésare Santana

RIPR welcomes Hugo Gonzalez-Koppmann (Chile) and Czésare Santana (Dominican Republic) as our featured performers at a private sponsor reception on Night Two of 20 Years of Sound + Vision: The Power of Storytelling!

Their music brings us closer to Latin America as they share the voices of the region through powerful and masterful storytelling in the form of song. With a songbook that includes music from almost a century of struggle, hope, pain, and joy, Hugo’s captivating voice and Czésare’s magical guitar reconnects us with the elemental truths, in a journey full of passion, poetry, humanity, and music.

Be part of the vision and experience the lyrical storytelling of this visionary duo.

One Union Station
Providence, RI 02903

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