Words are not the only way we tell stories. A Middle Eastern dancer, Kanina is not only a performer but a celebrated leader in the New England dance community as teacher, choreographer, and mentor. Kanina was one of the first teachers in New England to open a studio dedicated solely to the study of Middle Eastern Dance. Her classes explore the cultural aspects of the dance, bringing respect and understanding of the music and customs of the Middle East. In 2008, her powerful performances lead her to be recognized as one of New England’s ‘Legends of Middle Eastern Dance.’

Since 1976, Kanina has served as director and choreographer of the Beledi Dance Company, a Rhode Island based company that performs both cabaret and folkloric dances of the Middle East. She was choreographer, dancer and board member of the Boston-based Near East Dance Theatre for four years, performing at Boston College, New England Life Theater, Boston and Ziterion Theater, New Bedford.

As a soloist, Kanina has performed at Middle Eastern night clubs, cultural events, kefs, and haflis all over the East Coast. Most recently she performed at the Turkish Delight Festival in Istanbul Turkey and at the Randa Kamel of Course workshops in Cairo, Egypt.

Be part of the vision and watch Kanina bring stories to life through the language of dance on May 19, Night Two of 20 Years Sound + Vision.

One Union Station
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