John "JR” Richard

Friday Night at the Steel Yard

Community connections are always at the heart of civil society. The gathering places where you can sit and share stories, meet others, and exchange ideas. These meeting points invariably feature a warm host who ensures the conversation doesn’t get out of hand. One of Rhode Island’s best known community hosts is John “JR” Richard, owner of The Avery in Providence, RI.

JR’s friendly smile and engaging conversation has been a fixture in the Providence night life scene since the opening of the second legendary Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in 1993. Now, as owner of The Avery, JR has created a space where people gather for more than cocktails—it’s about community building and conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. This is right in line with JR’s personality and professional life that includes a background in public affairs, advocacy, and communications.

Having The Avery partner with RIPR is a natural extension of The Avery’s role as a neighborhood bar. At RIPR, we are happy to welcome JR as our celebrity bartender on Friday night at The Steel Yard. He’s even created a signature cocktail for the night.

Featured Cocktail

The Mango En Fuego

Inspired by devious summer treats on the streets of Chicago, the Mango En Fuego mixes the sweetness of tropical fruit with the light fire of ancho chiles.

One Union Station
Providence, RI 02903

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