Extraordinary Rendition Band

The raucous fun doesn’t end on Friday with The Art of Rebellion! RIPR is proud to welcome the Extraordinary Rendition Band to our 20th Birthday Bash! What will they do? When will they appear? We aren’t telling, and neither are they! What we will tell you is that we think it’s pretty fun to have a 20 Years of Sound + Vision birthday party with a marching band. Extraordinary Rendition Band is a 30+ member band of brass, reeds, and drums local to Providence, RI. They are known for their inclusivity, welcoming musicians from all backgrounds and levels of musical ability to join the band. They play guerrilla style, free for all to hear, whenever possible and believe that the power of music is more effective than weapons, arguments, or war. ERB is a band that operates as a democracy, in the way that they share responsibilities and decisions. This is a band that is as political as it is loud and as silly as it is big. They celebrate, and are included in, the joyous and diverse history of marching bands.


One Union Station
Providence, RI 02903

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Please contact Erin Isabella, Director of Philanthropy and Stewardship at 401.519.0238 or erin@ripr.org.